Mother nature knows best. That’s why we strive to bring as many natural aquarium products to market as possible. Your fish and aquatic animals deserve to feel at home in their environment. Start your journey with Nature Forged Aquatics products to see how you can incorporate more of nature in your tanks.

About Us

Owned and operated by Greg Jones (Greg’s Fishroom on YouTube), and co-creator of the now retired My Aquarium Box, Nature Forged Aquatics is aimed at providing high quality aquarium products to the US market, primarily selling direct to customers through Amazon Prime to allow the fastest shipping and excellent customer support.

Our Products

In 2023 Nature Forged Aquatics will launch its first series of natural aquarium products online. Botanicals such as Alder Cones, Casuarina Cones and Birch Cones provide an excellent way to naturally lower the pH of your aquarium while providing tannins and anti-bacterial properties for your betta fish, blackwater species such as angels, discus, tetras, and caridina shrimp.


Unleash your aquatic inspiration

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